Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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#Sheyiruns: Tips On How To Speed Up A Slow Computer.

One of the characteristics of a computer system is speed, so if your own computer has loses it's speed then you have a problem. In some computer cases, if i'm to boil water and power on some PC surely my water would boil even before some pc finish booting to window enviroment. The slow booting of a computer system to the window enviroment can be traced to some software which would run automatically as soon as you power on your computer which are located at the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen. This can be fixed by clicking on few things..

Steps to make pc boot faster:

(1) Click on "START BUTTON" and navigate to "run"
(2) Then type: Msconfig and click run
(3) A window will pop up then click "STARTUP"
(4) Now you would be presented with bunch of filenames and addressess and boxes with checks in them. Uncheck all the boxes(if possible) then click apply and ok.
Now the computer will ask if you will like to restart. Restart the system and the settings will kick in.
Note: You can use a software called "BOOTVis" to speed up booting automatically"

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